Nepenthes Ventrata


Nepenthes "Ventrata" - 
Highland Tropical Pitcher Plant is a hybrid of N. Alata and N. Ventricosa Red.  This variety of nepenthes is a vigorous grower that does well in a wide range of conditions.  Mature lower pitchers can reach 6-7+ inches, while upper pitchers max out at around 5 inches. Highly recommended 

Sizes & Growing Instructions Below :

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Basic Nepenthes Growing Guide :

Lighting : Place your new nepenthes somewhere which receives at least 3 hours of direct sun. Ventrata can be grown in a greenhouse, windowsill, terrarium or grow tent. It will thrive outdoors with 50% shade or a location which receives morning and evening sun.

Watering : Use reverse osmosis, distilled or purified water.  Be sure to keep the soil moist at all times, a typical 6-8 inch hanging basket usually needs water twice a week.  For faster growth you can use Maxsea Fertilizer diluted to 50% strength once a month. On your next watering, Flush the soil with fresh water to ensure excess salts do not accumulate.

Temperature : The optimal daytime temperature should be in the 70's or 80's with a 10 degree drop during nights. These can become acclimated to slightly warmer or cooler temperatures with age or optimal humidity levels to support varience in temperatures.

Soil : Everyone has their own "perfect blend" but for most varieties we use a blend of chopped new zealand long fiber sphagnum, canadian peat moss, coco coir, horticultural sand and perlite.  This mix is then topped with  sphagnum blended with canadian peat & coir. Live sphagnum if possible.

Sizes : 

Young : 4-5 Inch leafspan, multiple small pitchers, growing fast

Young Adult : 8-10 Inch+ leafspan, medium pitchers

Adult : 10-12 Inch+ leafspan, will mature within 6-10 months with proper care


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