Nepenthes Rajah


Nepenthes Rajah - One of the most desireable and rare nepenthes to have in your collection. Rajah is a relatively slow growing highland/ultra-highland nepenthes which eventually produces some of the most enonormous pitchers found.

This species is considered critically endangered. XXL Basal with three pitchers forming in a 12" net pot

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Nepenthes Rajah Growing Conditions:

Daytime High's:

78-82 degrees
75-88% humidity

Nightly Low's:

52-60 degrees
82-99% humidity

Soil :

We use long fiber sphagnum with a decent amount of kanuma and a handful of large chunky perlite.  From our experience N. rajah likes wet soil, however larger plants will suffer if the media has been over compressed.  As these get larger, the root mass gets very large and dense therefore you will eventually want to use an oversized pot. It is probably safest to leave existing soil intact, removing only the surface or spots which may have mildew or other pests.


By (Moorhead, United States) on11 Feb. 2017 (Nepenthes Rajah) :

Jake H - Rajah Seedling

You won't find a place with a better price on seedling N. rajahs. I received a very healthy little seedling with a nice topdressing of vibrant live sphagnum. The media they use (perlite, LFS, Kanuma) is perfect for more high elevation species like Rajah, that like more open mixes. In total, they know what their doing in terms of nepenthes care, highly recommended!

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