Nepenthes edwardsiana


Nepenthes Edwardsiana - The one and only Eddy! Large seed growns. The parents were also grown from seed from an amazing grower and collector.  On Mt. Kinabalu, the altitudinal distribution of N. Edwardsiana is large with with specimens growing naturally between 1500–2700 meters.  These are from a lower altitude of 1650 m. More Below

Size is large, rooted basal from un-sexed master plant

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N. Edwardsiana (Mt. Kinabalu) - All specimens for sale are from my personal collection for years. If grown indoors under T5's you can expect pitchers that are of a nice bright red, if grown in a greenhouse or more red is added to the spectrum then your pitchers will turn a very deep red.  

N. Edwardsiana predominately grows epiphytically, therefore the root system can be tiny. A small portion of this species grows lower to the ground in ultramifc soils however these rely on mosses to anchor them into the substrate which suggests to me that root development remains the same.  An example would that when repotting my largest plant, I found that the root was no longer than 4" yet pitchers were in the 7"+ range.

Eddy's do not grow fast when they are small, however when they begin developing 1.5-2" leaves they can grow quite vigorously. The plants for sale are much larger and were meticulously cared for.  

We have a few plants that have more than one pitcher with leafspans of 3-4".  Please have a home with the following conditions:

Daytime High's:

78-82 degrees
75-88% humidity

Nightly Low's:

52-60 degrees
82-99% humidity


By (Lakewood, United States) on16 Aug. 2016 (Nepenthes edwardsiana) :

Nepenthes Edwardsiana Review

This species is of course stunning. Be aware, though, at least in my case, the specific specimen was oversold. Of the last 10 highland Nepenthes I've acquired, this N. edwardsiana from Southbay Traps was in the least best shape starting out, and the longest recovery time. Perhaps some of the unusually-high shock was due to something during shipping. A plant I got from them in the past was meticulously packaged, though this one was not so much.
I currently have the first new pristine leaf on this guy, and about to pitcher, after 4 months. It's been a while but it is beautiful.

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