Nepenthes Bellii


Nepenthes Bellii - We consider this species a lowland/intermediate that grows well if given warmer temperatures with moderate humidity.  As the plants get larger, you can expect long deep green leaves that are tipped with extra long tendrils and small deep red pitchers.  Unique and unusual, lowland nepenthes species.

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Nepenthes Bellii Growing Conditions:

This was our first time growing this species from seed.  Transplanting and hardening them off was done easily, conditions were not kept consistent the entire time which makes me feel like this is a relatively easy species to grow despite rumors of them being difficult.  Our conditions would be considered lowland/intermediate.  Warmish days and nightly lows slightly cooler than what would be considered ideal for a true lowlander  such as N. bellii

Daytime High's:

78-85 degrees
50-85% humidity

Nightly Low's:

65-72 degrees
65-99% humidity

Soil :

This species does well in soil that can be kept really moist without causing root damage.  We potted our first batch in long fiber spagnum with about 25% perlite and a touch of kanuma.   A second batch was potted in chopped long fiber sphagnum moss that was mixed with an equal portion of coconut fiber, 10% perlite, 5% kanuma.  These are growing in a very shallow water tray and appear to be doing very well.  Other well drained mixtures that retain lots of water will surely be just as good.  With rumors of this species not liking root disturbance, it is recommended to transplant them to a larger pot without removing too much soil.


By (Orlando, United States) on03 July 2017 (Nepenthes Bellii) :

Nice plant

Great addition to my CP plants. Received in perfect condition! I can't wait to see it mature more and get some nice pitchers .

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