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  • BioBizz

    Biobizz produces high quality natural and organic fertilizers. Their home base for research and development is located in the Netherlands where they can freely test their products on any variety of plant. We have tested Biobizz fertilizers & nutrients in hydroponic systems and have achieved amazing results by using Prune Pots filled with coco based soil blends.

    This past season using 7 gallon PruneX Pots and a drip system, heirloom tomatoes were grown. Some varieties grew into the 10ft range vastly exceeding what we thought was possible in a small pot.

    Bio-Heaven has been tested on almost all of our Carnivores as a diluted foliar spray for supplemental feeding once or twice a month.
  • Cirrus LED Grow Lights

    Cirrus has set a new bar in LED Grow Lights with the most powerful, water and vapor proof LED Grow Lights.  They are packed with features.  The Titan series has customizable light spectrums, built in wifi with a smart phone app so you can easily set-up timers, adjust light spectrums, and set up the lighting schedule you need.

    The LED Light output is blinding, hands down these are the most technologically advanced grow lights on the market.

  • DoubleLux

    DoubleLux has successfully developed a T5 Fluorescent Lighting system which fits twice as many T5 bulbs into the same size frame used by all standard T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights. This means that a Double Lux 4ft Lighting fixture will hold 16 bulbs! While every other grow light will hold 8.

    The math is simple, double the amount of bulbs and double lumen output. When it comes to fluorescent lighting, these are simply the most powerful providing faster growth than any other T5 system.

  • Gorilla Grow Tents

    Gorilla Grow Tents - These are the strongest, most durable full features grow tents available without placing a custom order. Designed to be easy to put together, easy to clean, with a strong frame and interior film which optimizes light distribution.

  • Gro1

    Gro1 - Indoor/Outdoor Gardening, Hydroponic Equipment and Accessories. Gro1 specializes in high quality gardening tools for general gardening and hydroponic applications. Start Growing

  • Growonix

    Growonix makes high quality water filters for horticultural applications.  They a large selection of Reverse Osmosis Water Filters, Sediment Filters, and Dechlorinators which were all designed specifically for indoor or outdoor gardening and hydroponics

  • Kind LED Grow Lights

    Kind LED manufactures the highest quality LED Grow Lights available. All of their LED grow lights utilize proprietary 12 band full spectrum lighting diodes and both IR and UV diodes. 

  • LighTech Grow Lights

    LighTech specializes in high performance, cost effiecent T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights. These High Output indoor grow lights are compact, low heat, and easily fit in tight spaces. We can ship them equipped with 6100k grow bulbs or 3000k bloom bulbs.

  • LuxStar

    LuxStar specializes in T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights which are designed specifically for beginner to advanced indoor growers. Trusted by professional growers, LuxStar T5 fluorescents will provide your plants with consistent output for maximum efficiency and faster growth

Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items