Nepenthes Pitcher Plant Collection


Nepenthes Tropical Pitcher Plant Collection

Set includes three easy to grow Carnivorous Tropical Pitcher Plants (Nepenthes). Varieties included grow well in a wide range of conditions, require very little care and will grow 6-12 Inch Pitchers!

Similar to orchids, these nepenthes thrive in a windowsill that receives 3-4 hours of sun.

Truly the Best Carnivorous Gift Set during Winter Months!

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Set includes 3 of the following Highland Tropical Pitcher Plants

Basic Nepenthes Grow Guide :

Background : Nepenthes are carnivorous plants that are popularly known as Tropical Pitcher or Plants or Monkey Cups (monkeys occasionally drink from larger pitchers). They can be found naturally growing in SE Asia, Indonesia, Borneo and islands in that area. Tropical in nature, they grow in high altitudes where temperatures are very similar to a sunny windowsill!

Nepenthes create pitchers that have a small amount of liquidy nectar inside which attract and quickly disables flying insects. Once inside, small digestive glands will absorb the insects nutrients.

Lighting : Place your new nepenthes somewhere which receives at least 3 hours of direct sun. These can be grown in a greenhouse, windowsill, terrarium or grow tent. It will thrive outdoors with 50% shade or a location which receives morning and evening sun.

Watering : Use reverse osmosis, distilled or purified water.  Be sure to keep the soil moist at all times, a typical 6-8 inch hanging basket usually needs water twice a week.  For faster growth you can use Maxsea Fertilizer diluted to 50% strength once a month. On your next watering, Flush the soil with fresh water to ensure excess salts do not accumulate.

Temperature : The optimal daytime temperature should be in the 70's or 80's with a 10-20 degree drop during nights. These can become acclimated to slightly warmer or cooler temperatures with age or optimal humidity levels to support varience in temperatures.


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