Drosophyllum Lusitanicum - The Dewy Pine

Dewy Pines are a very misunderstood and misrepresented species of carnivorous plant that is quite easy to grow if given adequate light along with the proper soil.  The are resilient to a wide range of temperatures from 100+ to near or below freezing.

New Sizes and care coming soon!

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Dewy Pine Growing Information

Before Purchasing a Dewy Pine, Please Make Sure
- An adequate source of light
- A larger pot of at least 1 Gallon
- Dewy Pine Potting Mix (75% Perlite, 15% Vermiculite, 10% Finely Chopped Long Fiber Sphagnum) Mixed Well

Drosophyllum Lusitanicum have a delicate root system which does not like to be disturbed so you will need to follow our instructions to re-pot your Dewy Pine.

1. Fill your pot with Dewy Pine Mix
2. Make a hole in the soil, the same size as the pot your dewy pine arrives in.
3. Carefully remove the bottom of the pot and drop it into the hole you just made.
4. Remove the sides of the pot one piece at a time.
5. Gently secure the plant by lightly compressing the soil around it.

Watering :

- Dewy Pines do not need a lot of water.  We have grown them in our highland greenhouse and never directly watered them.
- During periods of lower temperatures, they should be top watered lightly 2-4 times a week.  Soil should not be over saturaturated.
- During periods of high heat, it is best to water once each morning.

Lighting :

- Direct Sun or LED Lighting.  These do really well under LED's

Temperature :

- As desert plants these can grow in a wide range of extreme temperatures and weather
- High temperatures of 100-110 degrees should not kill your plant once acclimated
- Low temperatures of 39 degrees should not kill your plant once acclimated
- Optimal Temperatures would be 65-85 degrees
- Humidity does not seem to be a large factor, considering we have grown ours outdoors in year round in Southern California, in Highland and Lowland Nepenthes growing condions indoors/out greenhouse.

"New sizes and care guides"

-Shipped as I grow them.

- Preadults will be in 1.5-2 Gallon White Pot, established and growing. Don't re-pot 

- Smaller dewy's shouldn't be difficult for cp growers :D

-Intructions for both Small and large will be included

-Large will be a bit easier


By (Durham, United States) on09 March 2018 (Drosophyllum) :

Thanks Again!

Last year my Dewy grew out about 10-12 inches... Thanks Again

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