Drosera Regia


Drosera Regia - "The King of Sundew", healthy plants that are approximately 4" tall right now. The thick rhizome like root on each plant is large enough that with proper care you can expect a large specimen by flowering season.

Despite rumors or talk of D. regia being a difficult or picky sundew our variety is easy!

Sizing and Growing information below:

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Drosera Regia Growing and Care

We grow our D. regia both indoors and outdoors in coastal Southern California. They are native to South Africa and can be found growing at altitudes between 1500-3000 feet where temperatures are slightly cooler averaging about 70-80 degrees during the day, cooler at night.

Mature regia tentacles capture prey and tightly coil around them. After shipping, you can expect any coiling to be on delay for a few weeks.

This variety is tolerant to soil fertilization. If you decide to go that route, what I recommend is to use a 10-20ml dropper, use Maxsea or a similar soft fertilizer and feed it directly down the center. In roughly one week, top water your plant to flush out any extra nutrients.

They are potted in a mix of long fiber sphagnum with sand, perlite and clay pellets. This mix keeps the roots cool and allows for top watering which makes flushing the soil easy. In a few months with proper care, you should have yourself a nice 6-8"+ king sundew.

Drosera Regia Sizes

Youngster - Approximately 3-4 Inches tall, healthy and on its way to being a large plant
Grown Up - A fully established large plant that has been through at least one dormancy.  Leaf blades range from 5-7 Inches during the off season.
**12/6 Update Plants are all larger and very healthy!


By (Knoxville , United States) on15 Apr. 2016 (Drosera Regia) :

The King

My Regia arrived in perfect condition. Southbay Traps is the best. Will be trading with them again! Thanks!

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By (Carson, United States) on29 Dec. 2015 (Drosera Regia) :

Packaged and Delivered Perfectly

My regia was dew laden on arrival and much larger than I expected. Packaging was superb. Plant was very healthy. Everything I have purchased has been healthy. Once again, I appreciate it. Thank You

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By (Staten Island, United States) on28 Nov. 2015 (Drosera Regia) :

Finally found a D. Regia!

I've wanted one of these for a while. This plant was well packaged and arrived healthy. It is now very dewy and growing quickly! Thanks Southbay Traps!

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