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    SouthBay Traps Guarantee

    Our goal is to provide the highest quality carnivorous plants and growing supplies. When you order a plant from us, it is hand selected from our nursery and carefully packed so it will arrive in good condition.  Our customer service team is top notch; consisting of knowledgeable avid gardeners experienced in every aspect of horticulture. Feel free to ask us anything.


    We accept all major credit cards, e-checks, and PayPal.  Payments via money orders will significantly slow down the order process so we highly suggest using one of the alternative methods mentioned above.  To avoid delays, we currently ask that all new international customers checkout via PayPal.  


    We Guarantee Our Plants Will Arrive in Good Condition. Our standard method of shipping is USPS Priority Mail. All Plants are shipped in Alive and Growing Well. While many other Shops online ship dormant plants during the off season, we keep healthy growing plants on hand 100% of the time.

    This does come with a small bit of precaution in that if you purchase a plant that requires winter dormancy during the winter, it will need some rest before the next growing season.  Plants are dated so you know exactly when it was exposed to full sun. Instructions can be located in our "Growing Guide" section.

    Mature Flytraps are the only exception to the rule above. These are very large plants however if purchased during the off season, they will be dormant.  Feel free to email us if you are buying larger or more expensive plants. We can provide photos of what exactly what is on hand and allow you to pick.

    Gardening Supplies such as nursery containers, pots, indoor grow tents, fertilizers and grow lights will ship in a separate package(s) from your plants. This prevents any accident damage to both the supplies and live plants.

    International Shipping regulations regarding the shipment of live plants vary from country to country please check with us prior to placing an order.

    Your Account & Privacy

    We highly suggest creating an account with us when checking out.  Your account with us provides convenient benefits such as the ability to upload pictures to our photo galleries, forum access, a wish list, and personalized vouchers, coupons or discount codes.  

    We do not collect, share or manage your personal information. All account information is managed by trusted global companies like PayPal, & Google.  Our system is scanned daily for vulnerabilities and has been certified by major industrial security firms.

    Growing Help and Support

    We have two different resources for help with growing your carnivorous plants.  A General Carnivorous Plant Guide which covers the basics for all species we grow here.  Our in depth Guide is geared more toward Venus Flytraps but will take you through everything you need to know, from potting, feeding, fertilizing, transplanting, dormancy and pest control.

    Check our blog page to find special grow guides, tutorials, and experimental growing techniques. Our blog is also a great resource to find staff reviews of indoor gardening supplies such as grow tents, fluorescent & led grow lights.

    Returns, Exchanges, Warranties & Replacements

    Warranties - If a product is damaged, broken or malfunctioning chances are that it will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.  We'll need some basic documentation from you first (pictures explanation etc.). Depending on the circumstance you will either be issued a return label or the product will have to be mailed back to us for repair or replacement. After one month please check your warranty to make sure it is eligible, call the manufacturer or get a hold of us so we can help out during the process. 

    Returns - We do not accept returns on grow tents, grow lights or hydroponic equipment. These are heavy, fragile items and time has proven that mailing them back and forth is not a great idea. If you need help with dimension or anything regarding your grow tent setup, please check in with us prior to making your purchase. We'll make sure you are buying a tent that fits where you need it to and a light that fits your tent. 

    Other products which have not been opened or used will be allowed for exchange, please let us know within a week of receiving. Items that have been opened or used must be inspected in the shop, being accepted back at our discretion. Most growing equipment will have a restocking fee. We do not cover shipping for returns and exchanges. Our packaging and shipping methods for live plants has been perfected, therefore if you receive something that you believe is damaged beyond a few weeks of normal growth then we require pictures within 5 days of delivery. We'll either provide help or as with any product, it will need to be returned prior to re-shipment or refund. 

    Theft - We use FedEx or ups for most of our growing supplies. If a package or bundle of packages are delivered to your door by trusted carriers, we are not responsible for any theft that takes place after delivery. You must trust the carrier confirmation that your products were delivered. In the event that something like this happens, we will do our best to check in with the carrier and resolve the problem.

    Wrong Item - All of our packages are double checked prior to mailing however if for some reason you receive the wrong item, just let us know, we'll send you a return label and ship the correct item out.