Drosera Spatulata Sundew


Drosera Spatulata the 'Spoonleaf Sundew' is perfect for anyone new to growing carnivorous plants.

Our Tokaiensis or 'Kansai' variety has bright lime green & orange leaves contrasted with red nectar glands. These nectar glands produce a small sticky droplet of digestive enzyme which actively catches insects.

Spatulata Sundews grow fast, multiple often, and are easy to care for.

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Spring/Summer Update - Our Spatulata's have one main sundew but have already started to spread so you might consider a having a larger pot ready... Or you can seperate the mini sundews and plant them in your bog.

Drosera Spatulata is a rosetted Sundew which can be found growing from Southern Japan through Asia & Coastal Australia. This specific variety, Tokaiensis is among the largest and easiest Spatulata Sundews to grow. It is a sub-tropical variety which will thrive in a terrarium, windowsill or outside. 

Since this is an easy to grow variety, it will grow in a relatively wide range of temperatures. The ideal temperature range is 60-75 degrees while anywhere between 50-90 Degrees would be considered safe. Once the plant has established deep roots it is very hard to kill.

Expect Pink flowers on top of long stalks. Spatulata is a self polinating Sundew which produces large quatities of seeds.


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