Cephalotus FollicularisAustralian Pitcher plants are considered rare and typically hard to find in cultivation. They are compact and often colorful plant with eye catching pitchers that look like they are ready to bite!

Our typical variety will develop large red/puple pitchers. Offering 2.5"-3" plants that have gone through at least 1 full dormancy, so they are growing fast.

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Basic Cephalotus Grow Guide :

Lighting : We recommend using Fluorescent Grow Lights indoors however an outdoor greenhouse can be the perfect place as well. Under bright light these will develop deep red and even purple tones with white and green contrasts. With more diffused light such as a south facing window, pitchers will grow larger but will be predominately green.

Watering : Use reverse osmosis, distilled or purified water. Our recommendation is to use one of our capillary mat systems, your Ceph will never be over or under watered and growing one this way is nearly fool proof. Note: We pot ours in a very specific method that works perfectly on a capillary mat or you can top water 2-3 times weekly. 

Temperature : The optimal daytime temperature should be in the 70's or 80's with a 10-20 degree drop during nights. These can become acclimated to slightly warmer or cooler temperatures with age or optimal humidity levels to support variance in temperatures. I have tested ours by leaving a few outside year-round exposing them to temperatures as high as 100 degrees and as low as 38 degrees. 

Soil : We ship ours potted in a layered mix of carnivorous plant soils. The core of each pot is filled with a blend of chopped long fiber sphagnum with lots of sand and a bit of perlite. We use our nepenthes mix along the outside of the pot. This ensures soil under the plant will not become to saturated with water but the surrounding blend of long fibered moss & peat will retain water. If you are new to growing these, think of this mix as a "comfort zone". Allowing for a bit less care than recommended.


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