Savage Sundews | Feeding Drosera Live Insects the Easy Way

Published on 03/03/15

Sundews are Hungy Plants!  

Drosera (sundews) are carnivorous plants that have adapted to grow in the nutrient poor soil found in bogs on every continent except Antarctica. To immobilize and eat their prey, sundews utilize a very effective trapping mechanism which consists of a tentacle tipped with a sticky globule containing nectar and digestive enzymes. 

If your sundews are not catching food, then you will need to feed them and we recommend using one of the following options:

1. Use live Wingless Fruit Flies. These can be grown in one liter clear plastic food containers and will provide you with a continuous supply of "fertilizer". We highly recommend and purchase our Flightless Fruit Fly Kits from The Fruitfly Shop.  Growing & Feeding Instructions below.
2. Feed tiny bits of freeze dried bloodworms. You can find bloodworms in the fish food section of just about any pet store. Feed 1-2 petals at a time using niblets that are about 1/8 inch long.

Feeding Your Sundew with Live Wingless Fruitflies
"a wingless fruitfly mocks this drosera capensis by standing atop a leaf which is currently snacking on another fly!"

Flightless Fruitfly Kit | Perfect for Feeding Sundews, Nepenthes or other Pitcher Plants
Flightless Fruitfly Kits Include 3 Parts :
1. Premixed fruitfly food packet
2. Mesh insert (flightless fruit flies are always crawling upward)
3. A plastic container with breathable lid

Sundew & Nepenthes Feeding Kit Assembly
Flightless Fruitfly Kit Assembled & Ready for Flies :
1. Dry food packet is mixed with an equal part of water then scooped out into the plastic container
2. Insert is folded up as shown and placed into the container

Adding Fruitflies
Add fruitflies!

1. New kits come with a pack of flies which you empty into your prepped fruitfly container
2. Pictured above is a spent kit. We are removing the last of our sundew food and placing them into a new container which will be fully colonized in about 2 weeks.
*  The transfer is very easy, the fruit flies can't help but crawl upward so an empty storage container is placed on top of the old kit. Within a minute or so we have enough to tap out into our fresh kit.

Finished Drosera or Nepenthes Live Food Kit

-  Now that everything is ready, put your soon to be carnivorous plant food somewhere that is room temperature and out of the way. 65-75 degrees works perfect.

Flightless Fruit Flies Eaten by Drosera
"a drosera capensis sundew feeding on a captured flightless fruit fly

"look carefully and you can see the tentacles on this sundew have started to wrap around its recent capture"

Feeding a Spatulata Sundew
"why are sundews so savage? take a look at the fly in the top right..."

The sundews in the guide are drosera capensis and drosera spatulata. These are among the easier varieties to take care of and have lower feeeding requirments. Drosera Cuba and drosera nidiformis must have a food source or they will slowly become weaker or even shrink with time. More information and pictures of our sundew varieties can be found on our drosera sale page and sundew growing guides. 

Happy Growing!


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